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About Us

We have been working with people all over Florida to reach their goals and we can work in English, Portuguese, and Spanish for your best convenience. Our main Agent started her Career in one of the biggest Mutual companies and has been in their classes with continuous education for more than 4 years. She also is a Commercial Attorney in Law licensed from BAR in Brazil which give her an international vision about your assets, money and plans for an International life.
We sell Life and Health Insurance as well as plans that you can use to increase your retirement income. We also find products that you can fit in your savings to protect your kids future or to help you pay college in the future. “Asap-up” through its licensed agent is appointed by the biggest carriers. We work with excellence and passion to sell their products. Our commitment is to have your policy sold only by showing you everything, checking every detail. Asap up is your communication with the carrier you choose until your policy is issued and delivered.

We never thought to have such a important corporation, it was born naturally as a result of a very careful, dedicated, and honest services that we have been doing in the past 6 years in the industry.
Our Commitment is helping people to protect their assets and future against catastrophic loss and also to encourage them to save more money for the future. Everyone has their own priorities, and our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals while maintaining your priorities. We try to educate people with something that has been learned in the industry: time is valuable.
Our Clients are what’s important, we have no quotas to reach and no contracts to finish, our only priority is our clients.

  • What we have -> you need.
  • What you choose -> we help.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have selected some frequently asked questions fou your convenience. Any questions besides contact us!

Life Insurance

  • The Permanent Policy has Cash Values . Permanent insurance, such a “Whole Life or Universal Life has cash Values accumulation. Term Insurance does not. You can borrow against the cash value of a permanent policy for any reason but always keep in mind that it reduces the cash value and therefore the death benefit payable under the policy. You also can put the money back in order to save more money. Term Policy is simple, the company just pay the face amount directly to the beneficiary when the Insured dies.

  • The beneficiary is the person , or persons of your choosing to whom Insurance Company will pay the death benefit when the insured dies . The beneficiary can also be a company or a thrust .

  • Claims are paid promptly once the Carriers receives all the necessary requirements . A completed claim form and death certificate are required for most claims.

Health Insurance

  • Unlike long-term insurance, short term (known as temporary) options are limited to a period. Twelve months is typically the maximum coverage on a short term policy. Some policy required a three -month minimum . Also, these plans are not renewable. There is an option for 3 years but the premium increases each year. In Market Place, the preexistent conditions are not considered and they have to accept you anyway.

  • Anyone living in the United States who is a citizen or legal resident, and who is not incarcerated, is eligible for Obamama care. The cost will be based on income.

  • A citizen can purchase Medicare and non citizen may be able to qualify to purchase Medicare . Both will be eligible when they turn 65 years old. Also for young people with disabilities and people with end stage Renal Disease.


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