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Life Insurance is basically to protect someone you love against catastrophic loss, but you can have more, take a look:

We have two options:

  • Term Life Insurance

The insured life will be protected by the face amount you have. No dividends, no savings. The face amount will be paid only if the insured dies.

  • Permanent Life Insurance

In addition to the face amount the proceeds may include other amounts as well. This includes dividends (if applicable) or the face amount of any riders. The premium will be higher but you can save the money. You can borrow money against the permanent policy or add this money back to the policy. You also can choose to pay whole life or customize the payment for a period of time. If you borrow against permanent policy”s cash value and do not repay the entire loan, including interest, any unpaid balance will be deductible from the policy “s face amount. It is amazing and extraordinary form to save your Dolar and in the same time , protect your family.